Home Trends throughout the Decades

1970s boho living room

Home Trends throughout the Decades A look inside some of the best interior design trends – and the not so good! With every decade comes new trends, in homes and throughout culture. Interior design trends ran from modest and simplistic to glamorous and bold. Whether you feel drawn to simplicity in neutral colors and plain […]

Boho Boys ‘Adventure’ Themed Nursery: A Space That Grows with Baby

There is so much to do when preparing to welcome your first child! Crib and diapers and clothes and toys… you make a list, and it just seems to get longer the closer you get to welcoming your new bundle! Through all that preparation, it was really important to me to have a nursery that felt like an oasis, functioned well, and would grow with my son as he grew!

From Around the Web: 20 Awesome Photos of Design Fails

Who DOESN’T love design fails?! Let’s have a little fun today and laugh together as we take on some amazing design fails. As my mentor always says ironically… “someone somewhere is proud of that!!” Now listen, we are all for creativity and thinking outside of the box! It’s just that there is thinking outside of the box, and then thinking on another planet!

7 Things We All Hate About Home Building

Nothing meaningful comes instantly. It takes time and effort and patience! The same can be said for building or renovating your dream home. It takes time, money, effort, a team of skilled people and a whole. lot. of. patience. Here are 7 things we ALL HATE about home building and how to overcome them with confidence!

How To Decorate Your Space Like a Professional – A Beginner’s Guide

A Beginner’s Guide How To Decorate Your Space LIKE A PROFESSIONAL 1. Rip off that bandaid & start! Listen.  You’ve got this!  Every person, family and home is different.  Trust me it feels like I’ve been in thousands of homes and not a single one is the same.  So, while you see all of these […]

7 Amazing & Unique Homes Around the World

7 AMAZING & UNIQUE HOMES AROUND THE WORLD We always love to see what others around the world are creating as their home!  Below are just a few of the amazing and beautiful homes from all over the globe!  Enjoy! the house in the city 5 x 20 Designed by Story Architecture, in Binh Tan, […]

Design for Everyone: Jewish Museum Berlin’s New Play Space

Design for Everyone: Jewish Museum Berlin’s New Play Space Facebook Instagram Pinterest Linkedin “The new ANOHA Children’s World, at the Jewish Museum Berlin, is a vast new children’s play space designed with adults firmly in mind too. Situated in a former wholesale flower market in the Kreuzberg district, it converts the story of Noah’s Ark […]

Before You Build – A Simple Guide To Building Your Dream Home

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Linkedin Before You Build – A Simple Guide To Building Your Dream Home Have you been dreaming of a new home, but building seems complex, out of reach, and overwhelming? You are certainly not alone. Believe it or not it’s simpler and possibly more affordable than you think… let’s get you started. […]

Sustainability is NOT What You Think it is!

Sustainable Tower Building with Vegetation Growing and diagram showing different sustainable icons.

SUSTAINABILITY IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS You know how there are restaurants who claim “we have the best wings in the world!” …while you enjoy their enthusiasm and their wings may, in fact, be good, what makes them the best in the world?  Obviously, this is to get your attention.  Make you look […]

Designing Around Children and Pets For Home

One of the greatest challenges for young homeowners or pet lovers is to design a space around kids and pets. Keeping in mind the factors of cleanliness, hygiene, comfort, and functionality, it is important to design a space strategically, while considering a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to material specifications, interior decoration items, and space planning. Whether it is smart technology or creative DIY ideas, here is a list of a few ideas that you can incorporate in your homes to aim for a kid- and pet-friendly space.

Project Highlight: An Architect’s Custom Home Office

As an architect and designer, there is a high demand for technology (tons of screens!) but also a space to lay out large drawings to review, sketch, hand render etc. Additionally I needed a space I could comfortably meet with clients and other professionals. I also needed TONS of storage! Take a look at the highlights of the process and how we, in partnership with Susquehanna Craftsmen, achieved the finished look!

What No One Will Tell You: 3 Ways Architects SAVE YOU MONEY

“Hiring an architect is a waste of money.” Yikes. *Opens tub of ice cream and cries a little…* Well… while I will never tell you what to do with your own money, let me just tackle a quick myth: architects should not be seen as a luxury. Architects are a piece of the foundational workings of every construction project and are invaluable! We can also save you money. Here’s how.