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We are a full-service design company specializing in residential architecture and interior design solutions in Central Pennsylvania.

At Gable Design we customize our services fully to the needs of the client; working on small and large projects with homeowners, realtors, investors and contractors.

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Fernando Y. | Homeowner

“I have worked with Jessie at Gable Design to develop a plan for an addition and extensive remodel of my home. Her ability to crystalize our list of wants into a detail plan has been instrumental in going into this project with confidence. I will continue to utilize her skills during the actual construction period. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for design help.”


Handyworx | Contractor

“We have used Jessie for many projects and she always does a great job, her drawings are fantastic. She makes things easier for us when working with Boroughs and Townships. “


Gene B. | Homeowner

“Jessie is wonderful to work with! She is also very good at taking your dreams and making them visible.”


Glenn U. | Residential & Commercial Client

“If you’re looking to remodel your home call Jessie at Gable Design. She is a great [designer] and will guide you through the whole process!!”


Susquehanna Craftsmen | Contractor

“Susquehanna Craftsmen has been working with Gable Design since they opened their doors. Working with Jessie has been a pleasure, she is prompt to reply to inquiries, she is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful at solving problems to help make the design/build process run quickly and smoothly. She helped us create design proposals for several projects which included renderings – allowing our clients to clearly visualize each project. This was extremely helpful for our busy construction company! We at Susquehanna Craftsmen highly recommend Gable Design!”


Lauren M. | Homeowner

“Jessie is an amazing designer and has great taste! She works hard and is extremely efficient. Highly recommend her to design and architectural make any space beautiful to meet your needs!”


Brubaker Brothers LLC | Roofing Contractor

“Jessie is extremely knowledgeable, professional and listens to what her customers are asking for. She will work with you throughout your entire project.”

our vision &

who we are

We are a small, woman-owned business looking to provide creative solutions to our community.

The Designer

A multi-disciplinary creative, real estate investor, entrepreneur, wife, and mom, Jessie is a passionate associate architect and designer, leaving the commercial industry to create her own company in 2020.

Raised by laborers and landscapers, she was taught the practicalities of the trade but then trained as a commercial architect, merging the two life experiences into her designs.

She spends her days surrounded by animals, art, color, books, and a husband and son who always keep her laughing. She is a conqueror of spreadsheets. She loves to travel, eat and experience the world. She is also very good at tripping on flat surfaces. It’s a real gift.



With Gable Design

Gable Design acts as the professional buffer between the owner and all other parties to ensure timeline, budget, design vision and quality are all maintained.

Without Gable Design

The owner is responsible for selecting, coordinating and ensuring quality is maintained for all consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and materials. Working as the glue to the entire project.

Owner Without Gable

We cannot wait to

Work with you!


Looking to build a home or renovate your own? Looking to do it yourself and all you need is general guidance? Our designers can work with you to turn ideas from paper to projects. From an initial design sketch to a full design and construction project, we can be your advocate.


Have a client that is looking to buy a home and needs help visualizing how a potential home could work for them? Have a client who is trying to sell their home and needs to either refresh their space, renovate, or just show buyers the potential of the home digitally? We can help!


As real estate investors ourselves, we always wish we had a second set of eyes on any of our projects, from deal analysis to potential construction improvement to coordinating with the code official, appraiser, bank or vested parties. We have the knowledge and experience to complete your core team and ensure all parties involved are doing their part in an on-budget, efficient manner.

Contractors & Developers

Have a client or gearing up to market your next project, but you need drawings or rendering to complete the project? We are able to work with you to create design packages for your use, formatting the drawings in a way you run your job site, so your team can navigate quickly and efficiently!


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