Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Finding work-life balance

While working from home may have allowed you to spend more time with family, it can also blur the fine line between a space to relax and a space to work.

3 Ways To Increase the Success of Your Small Business … and keep you from pulling your hair out!

We’ve all got struggles, mine is wearing multiple hats as a small business. I am the owner, designer, secretary, front desk person, accounts department, marketing, contract specialist, and IT. Many hats! While I am actively working to build a team and distribute some of those hats over the next year, here are steps that I have taken to help me combat this challenge and feeling overwhelmed, ensuring I spend let time “pushing paper” and more time spend where I should!

7 Must Read Books To Kick-Off 2021

Nothing to lose, everything to gain! Listen to them in the car or while you’re doing the dishes or laundry. Find a quiet spot in your home and dedicate 30 minutes each day. Different authors from different backgrounds, professions, cultures and genders, all sharing a piece of their life’s work… and all extremely successful for it. This is the perfect way to kick-off the year!

Empathy & Perspective

empathy and perspective: what you need to know to be a leader I have to say, there is so much information and content packed into this 35 minute video. For those who have never heard of Simon Sinek, he is the author of multiple best selling books including Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together is […]