The 1950s and the Dawn of Mid-Century Modern The 1950s introduced the very popular Mid-century Modern interior design style. Pastels became popular while incorporating bold designs from fruit to polka dots. Linoleum floors had fun new designs to choose from and wall to wall carpet was now an option. Living rooms were filled with Scandinavian […]

Get Cozy in your Perfect Bedroom Haven

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Get Cozy in your Perfect Bedroom Haven There’s just something about a cozy haven. Where you can turn the main lights down, the mood lights up, and pull a warm fuzzy blanket over you and feel the outside world melt away as you cozy into your sanctuary. Although it’s not a place we can hide […]

Creating your Own Bedroom Haven

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Creating your Own Bedroom Haven Your bedroom should be your haven. When you come home from a long, difficult day that tries to take every last bit of your energy and sanity, the one place to hug you and tell you that everything will be okay, should be your bedroom.  A bedroom should be an […]

Asking an Expert: Cabinet Refinishing

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Ask an Expert Talking with a Local Cabinet Refinishing Professional We sat down with a local painting contractor that has been an expert in his field for over 15 years, and has taken on the incredibly detail-oriented skill of refinishing kitchen cabinets. We’ve all heard of the DIY kits, but something told us there’s a […]

8 Must-Read Books to Get you Through 2022

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We are well into 2022 and couldn’t be more excited about the momentum of the year so far! Our team has some really great projects in the works, and sometimes when you get into the thick of projects, you forget to keep educating yourself. It can be difficult to go to classes or seminars, or […]

From Trash to Treasured Home

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Image courtesy of Earthship Biotecture From Trash to Treasured Home Finding a Sustainable Home in the Architecture of Earthships Imagine taking some of your trash, items such as aluminum soda and beer cans, bottles of all colors, and old tires, and then building a house with them. Not only that, you build it in such […]