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A multi-disciplinary creative, real estate investor, entrepreneur and wife, Jessie is a passionate associate architect and designer, creating her own company in 2020.

Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, she has a blue-collared soul with a white-collared mind – surrounded by laborers and landscapers, her father a restoration contractor who can breathe life back into any forgotten historical building, she was taught the practicalities of the trade, but then trained as an architect, merging the two life experiences into her day to day.

She spends her days surrounded by animals, art, color, books and a man who can always get her out of her own head when she needs it.  She is a conqueror of spreadsheets.  She loves to travel and eat and experience the world. She is also very good at tripping on flat surfaces. It’s a real gift.

THE assistant

Amanda is “The woman behind THE woman”, assisting in all aspects of the business. Her experience and skills will help us develop and enhance our day to day… and keep Jessie sane!  Amanda is also an artist, specializing in handmade mosaics! She is inspired by the bright colors and beautiful world surrounding us, and creates custom pieces! If you want to see her work, check out the links to the left.

Amanda is a dog mom to two amazing pups, Dexter and Evie. If you speak with her on the phone, they may try to be included in the conversation, saying hi!  Amanda is a wife, aunt and traveler! She loves to take the camper with her husband and pups and unwind in nature. She also loves to bring along her adorable 1 year old nephew, Logan!


Jessie and her husband, Tim, are excited to welcome their first child in the New Year 2022!  We have no doubt that this little one will get up to speed on the business quickly and will become a valued mascot and adorable team member!

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings.” —Hodding Carter Jr.





Timmy Girl