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Get Cozy in your Perfect Bedroom Haven

There’s just something about a cozy haven. Where you can turn the main lights down, the mood lights up, and pull a warm fuzzy blanket over you and feel the outside world melt away as you cozy into your sanctuary. Although it’s not a place we can hide all the time, when you get a moment to truly relax, it’s everything. Creating that special spot should be a priority for everyone, but sometimes you just don’t have the time you deserve to fully create your haven. 

We are delighted to help! We found the most wonderful bedroom that we couldn’t wait to pick apart and create the ultimate shopping list. With some, or all, of the below items, you can easily transform a room in your home into the perfect place to hibernate for a night – or weekend.

A canopy bed can bring some serious Victorian vibes, or very calming Boho haven vibes. It all just depends on the style you pick out. Something with minimal details and made out of a light colored wood or a simple and sleek black metal canopy is perfect to create the invisible walls of your sanctuary. Once you set up the bed frame, be sure to drape a remote control curtain of mini lights from the top of your canopy.

Pink pillows

Atop your new canopy bed, it’s just as important to have the best pillows and blankets to cozy up with. Once you pick out a perfect neutral colored sheet set, be sure to throw a lightweight cotton patchwork plaid quilt set over top. Add some accent pillows, something super soft with artificial fur, or a shaggy plush pillow and you are ready to be engulfed by soft and snugness. 

Having plants in your home is also a great way to add a layer of comfort and calm to your home. Many studies have shown that houseplants are known to help improve mental health and create a relaxing environment. If you decide to have real plants in your home, you’ll have the added benefit of your air being cleansed. If you don’t necessarily have a green thumb but still appreciate the greenery, then fake plants are your answer! They can be just as beautiful and aesthetic for your room. Pick out a great fake floor plant, such as a 5 foot fake palm tree or an artificial Dracaena plant.

In your bedroom haven, be sure to also add a sleek full length floor mirror and use sheer white curtains to obscure any views you may wish to disregard. And with a simple white nightstand next to you, you can easily store any items or trinkets you want within reach.

Are you ready to create your own bedroom haven? Do any or all of these items call to you? If so, we have great news for you – you can find all of these items (and more!) in the links below! 

Full length Mirror

We are so excited for you and would love to hear what you’ve come up with! Let us know in the comments below what you added to your room!

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