Creating your Own Bedroom Haven (1)

Creating your Own Bedroom Haven

Your bedroom should be your haven. When you come home from a long, difficult day that tries to take every last bit of your energy and sanity, the one place to hug you and tell you that everything will be okay, should be your bedroom. 

A bedroom should be an expression of what helps bring you peace. When you slip off your work shoes and put on your comfiest of loungewear, your bedroom should welcome you to stay and be vulnerable. Sometimes finding the vibe and decor to perfectly encapsulate this feeling, takes some time, but it’s worth the journey!

We found a wonderful bedroom, stocked full of inspo for your dream decor!

Plants are always good for adding a lightness to a room. Although real plants filter the air and bring satisfaction with their survival (more difficult for some of us than others), having fake plants in your home can inspire some of the same happy feelings. Green is a color of balance, harmony and growth, so having a few plants around is a great way to find these qualities in your space.

Having the perfect light fixtures can also be key in creating your haven. Rattan furniture is made from rattan vines which are woven together, generally to create furniture items and lighting fixtures. This earthy vibe helps bring a calmness to a room and can also create some pretty fun symmetrical shadows when illuminated.

Wall sconces are also a stylish way to add some mood lighting. This set has a Mid Century Modern look and a brushed brass finish to match the shelves and add a little glam to the space.

Decorating walls can be challenging, and finding items that are more than just flat wall art can be tricky. But it’s also very satisfying once you find the right item! Such as this perfect gold tiered shelf, that brings a little dimension to your flat walls and can hold whatever cute knick knacks you have, or even some of your awesome new vining plants!

Gold shelf

Comforting neutral and cool colors are perfect for creating a calming space, and adding a splash of warmth and brightness is a perfect way to add dimension to a room without overpowering it. With little added details, you can add color without overpowering the whole room. Throw a colorful blanket on the bed or maybe a sunburnt pillow to help liven the color palette up.

Do any or all of these ideas have you super excited to recreate your space? If so, we have even better news for you – you can find all of these items (and more!) in the links below! Woohoo! 

We are so excited for you and we hope you love your new haven! Let us know in the comments below what you went with!

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Jessie Ellis

Jessie Ellis

Wife, friend and dog mom with 18+ years of education and 12+ years as a commercial design professional. Always inquisitive, creative and empathetic; trying to live each day with intention.

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