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We are well into 2022 and couldn’t be more excited about the momentum of the year so far! Our team has some really great projects in the works, and sometimes when you get into the thick of projects, you forget to keep educating yourself. It can be difficult to go to classes or seminars, or even set aside time for local networking events. 

Luckily, we will always have books. Whether you enjoy having a book read to you in an audiobook app, or holding the bound paper goodness of a book in your hands, you can continue to learn and grow. We have spent some time over the last few months picking up a new read and we finish another, and we think these selections are great for anyone looking to grow their business, be more present in a company (whether you run it or not), or simply just enjoy another perspective to guide you into a new venture.

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Your Best Year Ever Book Cover

Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving your Most Important Goals

By Michael Hyatt

If you are trying to find the best way to figure out systems and achieve goals for yourself professionally, this is the book for you. With plenty of research to back it up, you will learn how to grow in your personal, intellectual, business, relationship and/or financial goals. You will easily have your best year ever if you read this book and figure out what’s holding you back, how to overcome the obstacles, how to keep from quitting, and then some!

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How I Turned $1,000 into a Million in Real Estate in my Spare Time

by William Nickerson

If real estate is your game, then this book is your playbook. Although this book was written a few years ago, the content is still just as relevant today. The basic investment formula has not changed, nor is it likely to. Realtors all over the world refer to this book as their guide in making the best business decisions possible in real estate, with some even calling it the Real Estate Bible! So whether you are interested in starting your journey with real estate, or have been involved for years, this book is for you.

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Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork

by Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy

Sometimes we get really great ideas but don’t have the time or energy to give them the attention and work they deserve. Daily life and getting by can consume a lot, if not all, of your time and energy. 

All you need is to form the right team around you, and the rest falls into place! You can achieve your goals with a team, while also helping them achieve their goals. I swear, it’s true!

Instead of asking yourself how you can take this on, expert coach Dan Sullivan knows the real question we should ask instead: “Who can do this for me?” Such a simple question has led billionaires and successful entrepreneurs like Dan to build businesses they love, while also getting personal freedom.

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by Bernadette Jiwa

Intuition can be a scary thing to place a bet on, but with this book, you will learn how to trust your gut when it comes to developing your next big (or first!) ideas. Being able to recognize opportunities others miss and create your own breakthrough idea is something that takes skill, and with Hunch, you will learn how to hone that skill. 

In the book, she gives amazing examples of hunches that got it right such as the one that led to the launch of the breakout GoldieBlox brand, or another that helped a doctor reduce infant mortality rates around the world. This book is quite inspiring and makes trusting your own hunch that much more possible!

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Free to Focus

Free to Focus

by Michael Hyatt

A lot of us spend way too much time being distracted. Or we invest our time into activities that may move us ahead, but aren’t executed in the most efficient way. We forget to budget our time, plan ahead, or even prioritize the activities that refuel us, which can lead to burnout or missing great opportunities for growth.

Without realizing it, a lot of professionals clock over 40 hours of work a week, leaving less time to rest and exercise, or spend time with family and friends. We don’t notice it, but slowly work takes over precious time we should be spending doing the things we love.

With this amazing book, you’ll learn how to be productive in the most efficient way, and to make sure you’re getting the right things done. New York Times Bestselling author, Michael Hyatt, has created a total productivity system that will help you cut out the non-essentials, set boundaries, and delegate as needed.

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The Leader’s Checklist

by Terri Savelle Foy

This book is a great resource for anyone looking for defined action items to be laid out for them to hit the ground running. There are 10 simple, practical, and effective ways to develop leadership abilities, no matter what your field of work.

This book is very reader friendly and makes each step easy to understand so you can begin to grow. You will be given the plan, the vision, the game plan, values, goals and more!

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Start Something that Matters

Start Something that Matters

by Blake Mycoskie

This is quite an inspiring read! Blake Mycoskie, the man behind TOMS Shoes and One for One, shares his revolutionary business model that combines fun, profit, and social good. His open-hearted business model will inspire you to build your own start-up or nonprofit organization. If you’re looking to love your work and work for what you love, this book is a great start. Not all successes follow the same path, and this is definitely an off-beat route that you’ll enjoy and learn great goals from.

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Exactly What to Say The Magic Words for Influence and Impact by Phil M Jones

Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

by Phil M Jones

In most scenarios, you’re likely to win over a customer when you have the ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count. Spoken communication is key in selling yourself and your products to customers. In this book, you will learn key tactics to use in such situations to get more of what you want.

Have you read any of these books? If so, what impact did they have on you?

We would also love to hear about any books that you’ve found to work for you!

Let us know in the comments.

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