We always love to see what others around the world are creating as their home!  Below are just a few of the amazing and beautiful homes from all over the globe!  Enjoy!

the house in the city 5 x 20
Designed by Story Architecture, in Binh Tan, HCMC.  As a small townhouse in a a city where real estate is expensive, this architect created a light, clean space and made the most of every square foot!

We especially love all of the natural elements and plants throughout, creating an oasis within its walls.

“The Edgeland Residence is commissioned by a science fiction writer enthralled with 21st-century human habitation in the urban frontiers of abandoned industrial zones.
The house comprises two green-roofed wings which shade each other from the sun. A linear courtyard extends between both wings, permitting airflow. The house is designed to leave minimal impact on the site.”

“Nestled into the quiet middle of a block in the historic center of the beautiful colonial town of San Miguel de Allende, the land for this home is an assemblage of odd shaped portions of several home’s back yards. To reach the land, a 5-foot wide passage squeezes between two existing homes then opens into a lush garden of tropical vegetation, fruit trees, trickling fountains and a luminous lap-pool.”

“The clients, of Danish and Cuban American ancestry, wanted their home to meld the traditions of Morocco, Mexico and Danish modern. The living, dining, kitchen, library and master suite on the ground floor open onto a series of plant filled patios that flood each space with light. Elliptical domes and hand hewn wooden beams sculpt the ceilings. Hand washed colors shade from ochre to deep turquoise, rich oranges to soft greens.”

“The Gold LEED-certified residence is located in Dallas, Texas. Its elegant design merges between luxurious and sustainable housing. The house is built to fit in between the already existing trees on the site. It features sleek horizontal planes and lines which variously repeat all over the façade to highlight the surrounding trees. The house is, also, provided with photovoltaic cells and drought-resistant landscape plants, in addition to incorporating recycled materials in its finishes.”
Cherry Blossom House

“The Cherry Blossom House was completed in jincheon county, chungcheongbuk-do.

jincheon cherry blossom house is a home designed for an older woman. The architect wanted a home that would take away from the life of the city and spend a secluded old age. It was perfect for two people to spend their old age looking leisurely at nature, and sometimes they wanted to invite family and friends to spend time together.”

Villa Ypsilon

“Located in an olive grove in southern Peloponnese, this summer residence is characterized by an Ypsilon-shaped green roof that acts as both an accessible extension of the terrain, while framing the most significant views from the inside out.”

The interior spaces are organized in two main parts: A more private area containing three bedrooms and two bathrooms with views towards the east and a more common area towards the south containing the kitchen area and the living room which provide continuous access to all three courtyards.”

pole house

“The Pole House is a special residence offering one of the most impressive views of the Australian coast; this is the chosen destination for surfers from around the world. Adjacent to it, projecting into the sea, a completely independent house overlooking the beach. Originally, the Pole House enjoyed the charm coming mainly from its “iconic” value.

The Pole House (and not only) was modernized and re-interpreted according to the wishes of the new owners: “bringing the old Seventies icon into the 21st century”.The goal was achieved by “fully redesigning the interiors to maximize the 180-degree views stretching from Split Point Light House to Lorne and beyond. Moreover, instead of the old wooden house, we wanted to build a large house overlooking the beach, separated from the Pole House, so that this latter could offer independently a view on the landscape.”

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