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I know, very odd way to start out this article, right?  Do you imagine me sitting here in all black with smudged eyeliner listening to ominous music… a human skull majestically balanced in one hand saying ‘to be or not be, that is the question’ ?!  

I don’t blame you, but I promise I’m getting to my point here… and that point is not to make you sad or scared, actually quite the opposite!

Death is rarely talked about.  It seems to me that it’s ignored until we are devastated by it through the passing of a loved one or time has given us the gift of growing older, allowing reflection on what is to come; what each of us will experience one day. 

Why do many ignore this fact?  Their quality of life eventually challenged or changed abruptly, only reacting to what you can do in the moment, instead of having a plan?

The whisper of “there has got to be another way!”….

Well, my clients chose to listen to that whisper in their minds and contracted me to assist them in analyzing their current home and the pros and cons of staying there or moving or downsizing.

Thankfully, due to their smart, proactive nature, we were able to realize that they can stay in the home they’ve been in for 40 years AND get the care they need in the future as they continue to grow older in the home they love, surrounded by all the things and memories of their lives!  Maintaining as much of their physical and mental well-being as possible.

Oh… and they save MILLIONS!  Want to know how?  Read on!


Holding Hands No One Tells you the Price

There are three major types of long term care for those aging: Nursing Home Care, Assisted Living Care and Home Health Care. 

As stated by Genworth, long term care is the care you may need if you are unable to perform daily activities on your own. That means things like eating, bathing, dressing, transferring and using the bathroom. The goal of long term care is to help you maintain your lifestyle as you age.

NOTE: Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance, and health insurance you may have at work usually won’t pay for long term care.

Each year, Genworth hires a third party surveyor to collect information on the cost of care in each state and area.

Ready for the prices tied to the cost of these care services?

You read correctly… those are the current costs per month, per person.  I repeat.  Those are the monthly costs stated for this year for one individual, and they inflate each year just like all other services at about 3% each year, estimated. 

And you thought your rent or mortgage payment was bad…

Now take that price, calculate inflation and multiple it by 20 years.  For not just you but your household.  What does that look like?  Well, I can tell you right now you’re going to see a number in the millions.  I’m guessing this is not how you saw yourself entering the two comma club!

Again… stay with me!  Don’t throw in the towel yet!  We found a solution!

thinking smarter

Thinking Smarter Couple

My clients did the right thing when asking for an analysis of their home, weighing the the pros and cons.  You see, their current home, while functional, is not designed to assist its occupants as they age.  

First, all of the bedrooms and full bathrooms are on the second floor.  Their bathrooms are too tight to fit handrails or allow for a wheelchair or transfer bench into the tub.  There are also steps between the driveway and main living spaces, tight openings on the main level and their laundry is in the basement.  All completely acceptable locations and functions for those who can move with ease.  The home they love, however, quickly becomes a challenge and frustration they need to battle each day on top of the challenges they could face with time.

Understanding that it was not only more cost effective but also their preferred way of life to modify their home to accommodate them as they age.

So I got to work.  Analyzing each space and how we could modify their home to 1) give them spaces that meet ADA Standards 2) not look like a hospital 3) be able to sell easily if they ever changed their minds or wanted to move.

What we found?  Well… it was amazing. 

The graph below compares the cost of building a first floor master suite, renovating other key parts of their home, the mortgage, life expenses and eventually a Homemaker Health Aid to come to their house each week.  Compared to living in the home as long as possible then transferring from home care to assisted living to the nursing home… can you believe this?!

Monthly Cost Comparison Stay or Go

The ONLY time the cost to “go” was ever lower that the cost to stay is in the first two years (due to the cost of construction).  Then, the estimated monthly costs for the couple skyrocket!

Monthly Cost Comparison Home Modification

What would you rather spend?  $800,000 or $2,900,000 over 20 years?  Yikes!  How to even comprehend that dollar amount…

What 2.9 Million Gets You Info

Well, that adds a bit of perspective!  

Anyway, we were all very glad to see that the dream they had to stay in their home ended up being significantly more cost effective in the long term, making this project a no-brainer!  

Additionally adding value to their current asset (their home) as well, upping the worth!

stay tuned!

Stay Tuned Architect Drawing up Plans

Spring is just around the corner!  I cannot wait to share the progress as we break ground and build this project in the spring of 2021!  

Be sure to follow us on social media and below to stay in touch and see the project unfold in real time!

Do you have any questions about this project?  Was sharing this helpful to you?  Let me know!

Jessie Ellis

Jessie Ellis

Wife, friend and dog mom with 18+ years of education and 12+ years as a commercial design professional. Always inquisitive, creative and empathetic; trying to live each day with intention.


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